Parks and Recreation

Ida County Parks

Crawford Creek Recreation Area – 297 Dodge Street – Battle Creek

Douglas Country Schoolgrounds – 135 Union Avenue – Holstein

Fairview Pioneer Cemetery – 120th and Woodbury – Holstein

Ida County Conservation Offices – 202 Jasper Avenue – Ida Grove

Moorehead Pioneer Park – 202 Jasper Avenue – Ida Grove

Washta Access – 117 Highway 31 – Washta

Ida County Conservation

Ida County Conservation is nestled in the gently rolling hills of northwest Iowa – truly a well-kept secret. The relaxing atmosphere is sure to provide just what you’re looking for…..a well-deserved break from your hectic lifestyle. Take time to check them out – who knows, you may discover the world at your doorstep! Currently, the Ida CCB manages 5 parks, natural areas and historic sites encompassing 574 acres.

Just a snippet: MOOREHEAD PARK – Once the original site of Ida Grove, Moorehead Park is an area proud of it’s history. In the early 1850’s, the Moorehead family came to settle in what has now become the park. Ruts from the early stagecoach are still obvious near the old (now refurbished) stagecoach inn. The stagecoach barn still stands nearby. It’s hand-hewn and wood pegged timbers display what life was like so long ago. To compliment the historical aspect of the park, the Ida County Historical Society has relocated the original Grant Center Schoolhouse on the property. The schoolhouse is utilized every year as elementary children from the region.

For additional information about the programs, services and facilities offered by the Ida CCB – please utilize the following contact information:

202 Jasper Avenue
Ida Grove, IA 51445
PHONE: (712) 364-3300
WEBSITE: Go to Ida County Conservation

Activities in Ida County

Activities abound within the Ida CCB park system, including: camping, fishing, canoeing, swimming, hunting, hiking and much, much more!

Facilities in Ida County

Facilities for public use that can be found within the Ida CCB include: open & enclosed shelters, campgrounds, lodges, camping cabins, beaches, trails, a boat rental and many more!

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