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Ida County Conservation

Ida County Conservation

The Ida County Conservation Board’s (ICCB) mission is to acquire, maintain, and make available to the residents of the county: parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, wildlife, and other conservation areas; to encourage conservation of natural resources; and to promote and preserve the health and welfare of the people.

In addition, the ICCB owns and manages two small tracts of native prairie called the Douglas School Grounds and Fairview Cemetery. ICCB also manages Washta Access, a 50 acre river access area with a parking lot and concrete boat ramp.

The ICCB has an active Environmental Education Program that is based in the Conservation Center. Our naturalist offers preschool age programs, senior programs, public programs, and tailor made programs for area schools, civic groups, and organizations.

The Conservation Center, Depot, CCRA Lodge, Cabins, and picnic areas are all available to reserve for events. The camp sites are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Zach Hall, ICCB Director

Area Parks and Activities

Rich Smith Wildlife Habitat Area

  • The principal use of this property is for Wildlife Habitat, open to public hunting without unnecessary restrictions.
  • All Iowa state regulations apply to this property.
  • Non-invasive activities permitted, such as: hunting, fishing, hiking, nature-study, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and other activities that protect Wildlife Habitat.
  • No Horse back riding.
    Dogs are not allowed March 15th-July 15th each year to protect habitat and wildlife.
  • No fires or fireworks allowed.
  • ICCB is not permitted to develop or provide public use facilities at any expense or activities that constitute non-compliant activities per the Wildlife Habitat Stamp grant requirements.
  • This property was 45% funded through the Iowa DNR Wildlife Habitat Stamp grant. The remaining funding was provided by Ida County’s community, businesses, and leaders.
  • The Rich Smith Wildlife Habitat Area will remain in permanent habitat for the perpetuity of time.
    Please take care of YOUR PUBLIC LANDS and invest in outdoor recreation to benefit our future generations.

Crawford Creek Recreation Area (CCRA):

  • 62 acre lake with docks and boat ramp
  • Fishing
  • Picnic areas
  • Enclosed Shelter, CCRA Lodge
  • Primitive camping
  • Modern camping with electric and water hook-ups
  • Sewer dump station
  • Primitive restrooms
  • 2 modern shower houses with restrooms
  • 3 camper cabins
  • Storm shelter
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming beach
  • Hiking trails
  • Hunting: Only permitted south of the entrance, south of the beach, and on the west side of the dam.

Moorehead Park:

  • 12 acre lake with docks and boat ramp
  • Hiking trails
  • Picnic areas
  • Fishing
  • Primitive camping
  • Wildlife viewing blind
  • Bow hunting
  • Playground
  • Conservation Center
  • Historic Depot
  • Sledding hill
  • Pioneer Cemetery
  • Historic Stage Coach Inn
  • Historic School House

Board members:

Don Poggensee (Ida Grove), Synda Jepsen (Battle Creek), Randy Vogt (Galva), Sue Knop (Arthur), and Dennis Leonard (Holstein)


Zach Hall, ICCB Director
Dan Hedberg, Operations Sup.
Danielle Bennett, Naturalist (part-time)
Kay Luscombe, Conservation Tech.

For more information about Ida County Conservation Board’s parks:

Download the Ida County, Iowa, Conservation Board Rules and Regulations

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